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    Brenda Steward

    Brenda Steward

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    Brenda Steward

    Post  Brenda Steward on Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:22 pm


    Name: Brenda Nicole Steward
    Age: 25
    Sexual Alignment: HeteroSexual


    Hair Color and Typical Style: Long brown and normally down
    Eye Color: Bright Blue
    Body: Small frame and thin appearance
    Dress Style: Nor mally seen in her Queen like dresses and gowns


    Strengths: Talking, Social Gatherings, Party Planning, Hiding secrets
    Weaknesses: Staying Quiet, Remaining Clam, Keeping her Temper,


    Brenda was born into royalty in a distant kingdom of hers, But being the eldest daughter in the castle was tough. As her father being the King, she was attempted to marry off to several people. She was to "Fiery" for most of the lords that had come her way. That was until the neighboring King, Paul, had brought his son along with him as their parents had a land issue to deal with. Nicholas and Brenda had talked, and became friends that would write to each other form that day on.

    She had received a letter on her 18th birthday that Nicholas' parents had been killed. He hadn't said how. She had went to represent her kingdom and ended up staying longer than anticipated. She had gotten pregnant with the new king. He had proposed to her before her father could have found out. Her father immediately blessed their marriage. Weeks later she was the Queen over the kingdom of Tidus with Nicholas, already expecting their first heir. Years went by and she ended up bearing two more children after that.


    Father: Marcus Lee/67/ Living
    Mother: Rhonda Lee (Neé: Nostway)/67/ Living

    Spouse: Nicholas Steward/25/Living
    Robert Nicholas Steward/15/ Living
    Agnes Elaina Steward/13/ Living
    Caleb Phillip Steward/11/ Living

    Nicholas Steward

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    Re: Brenda Steward

    Post  Nicholas Steward on Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:36 pm


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